Spring 2015 is going to be HUGE

We’ve got a whole bunch of fun events lined up in the next few months, starting this coming Final Friday, February 27th.

As you may be aware, we’re hosting an artist-in-residence throughout the months of February and March, a Kansas City artist/architect named Denise DiPiazzo, who will be presenting the next stage of her recent KU MFA thesis exhibition at Fisch Haus on the 27th.  The project is entitled Hairball, and the show itself will permutate slightly in the month after the opening, influenced by Denise’s experiences here in Wichita, as well as in response to our Living Statues collaboration with Ballet Wichita on March 27th.

Next up, we are super excited to present an entirely new project entitled Theatre Thursdays, a series of four unique and provocative contemporary theatre productions;  one of which will be staged each Thursday night in March.  Info is on our website, but our very helpful volunteers (thank you, Kylie Brown and Michael Webber!) will be posting on facebook and twitter often, so make sure you’re following us to get all the updates.  The series kicks off Thursday, March 5th, but there may be a preview on the Wednesday night prior–stay in the loop to find out more about that.

Another shout-out to Kylie, for inviting Fisch Haus to host her new Creative Rush Songwriter Studio.  We’re always happy to partner with Creative Rush, and are looking forward to this new collab.  The first event is March 6th, and it will run on the first Friday of every month, excluding July.

We’re switching our annual (12th this year!) Tuesday Night Jazz Series to April, in order to correspond with JAM, national Jazz Appreciation Month.  All the info is on our website, but keep checking fb and twitter as well, for more up-to-the-minute news.  A big thanks to Tatsuya Hidano for organizing the entire event this year–he’s busy like we all are, and we’re honored that he’s chosen to spend his time to make this happen!

Lastly, but not leastly, save the date for our bi-annual XX series exhibition:  the 2015 installation will run from April 24th to June 1st.  We haven’t unveiled this year’s artist list yet, so stay tuned!