Design Council


Formed in 1998 as the Public Art and Advisory Board (PAAB), the Design Council took on its current name in 2000.

The Design Council is a body of 15 volunteer design professionals from 5 separate disciplines including architects, landscape architects, engineers, artists (including one graphic design member) and citizens-at-large.

The Design Council advises the City Council and City Manager on aesthetic matters related to capital improvement projects and other public improvements. The City Council and City Manager, wishing to improve the aesthetic qualities of the urban environment created this team by city ordinance to advise them as aesthetic matters and methods of accomplishing a more beautiful city.

They review all public projects that have an aesthetic impact or public art included in them for the City. They make recommendations to the City Council, who has final approval. The Design Council does not distribute or handle any funds.


The Design Council hopes to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Wichita by establishing the highest aesthetic standards possible. The Design Council reviews Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) projects and makes recommendations to the City on projects which should be considered for enhancement and to ensure adequate funding for CIP projects.

When & Where

The Design Council meets the third Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m. at the CityArts building.


The Design Council established guidelines for the City to use when beginning the phase of new projects. These guidelines serve a dual purpose of creating a consistent visual image while saving maintenance and labor costs. The Design Council reviews projects in the early stages of development and makes recommendations on enhancements, adequate budgets, and compliance with the established guidelines. Review by the Design Council professionals encourages consultants/designers to find innovative cost-effective solutions to create memorable public spaces and to set higher design standards as a result of review by their peers. Consultant Guidelines

Design Council Board Members

Tim Austin
Ken Bengtson
Jeff Best
Brad Biddle
Nancy Boewe
Melissa Gregory
Jeff Lackey
Patricia McDonnell
Phil Meyer
Dan Rouser
Stan Shelden
Kurt Skinner
Dennis Smith
Shawn Stuckey
Todd Whipple


Here are a few projects the Design Council has reviewed.

Keeper of the Plains Plaza

McLean Street Pedestrian Bridge

Old Town Plaza


E-mail Bernadette Bradshaw at or call (316) 303-8663.