Jonas H. Sjøvaag / Norwegian musician & photo artist

Jonas H. Sjøvaag / Norwegian musician & photo artist

I’m a Norwegian photographer, musician and composer, focusing mainly on landscapes that are magnified through manipulation, collages, cut-ups and similar forms of visual interaction. Through the years I’ve managed, in my own humble opinion, to create a visual output that is unique and my own, where the intention is to invite viewers into a state of perception where they are allowed to submit their own stories and ideas into my imagery. I do not know if this makes sense to you, but if it does I would invite you to check out my portfolio over at Saatchi Galleries (, where most of my work is presented.

Also, a PDF of my official portfolio is available here:

Right now I’m looking for galleries to work with in 2016 and 2017. If you are interested in this, do let me know. I’m available both through email and by phone: +47 928 42 902.
All the best
Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
+47 928 42 902
Musician, composer, artist

“En sammenhengende lytteglede” – Terje Mosnes
“Ekte, personlig og usedvanlig sterk musikk” – Tor Hammerø
“En klassiker er skapt; vakrere blir det faktisk ikke” – Arild Rønsen
“en sann kunst å senke skuldrene, holde tilbake og la kraften i det varsomme fortelle levende historier” – Arild R. Andersen
“ein hugnad å lytte til ein trio som har gått eigne vegar” – Roald Helgheim

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