Harvester Arts Presents: Discussion of come together, only to burst apart

alexandra spauldingOCTOBER RESIDENT ARTIST

Wichita State University School of Art, Design, and Creative Industries
McKnight Art Center, room 210

come together, only to burst apart
installation by alexandra p. spaulding

on veiw until November 15th, by appointment
Union Station, Douglas at the train tracks

In her October residency at Harvester Arts, Alex Spaulding created an immersive experience with light, aluminum sculptures, and sound in an interior room of Union Station. This experimental installation was conceived of and executed in 10 days. This allowed Alex the opportunity to react to her experience of Kansas improvisationally as opposed to her typically methodical and labor-intensive process. Join Dr. Brittany Lockard’s participating students to discuss the installation, Alex’s process, ideas about immersive installations and share your own insights on the piece.

Our Satellite Artists Levente Sulyok and Aaron Wirtz (aka Cutter J the Absurdist) will give a sneak peek of the response projects they are developing moving forward. Bring your curiosity, opinions & questions!