Gallery exceeds fundraising goal

Newton gallery exceeds fundraising goal

Carriage Factory Art Gallery's endowment campaign

Angie Tatro, executor director of the Central Kansas Community
Foundation, Merrill Raber, chair of Carriage Factory Art
Gallery’s Endowment Campaign Committee, Susan Koehn, gallery
board president, and Steve Shields, campaign donor and featured
speaker at the recent donor appreciation event.

Carriage Factory Art Gallery’s endowment campaign committee has announced that its goal of raising $75,000 in nine months has been met and exceeded.

“Community support in the form of cash and pledges netted a total of $78,800,” said endowment chair Merrill Raber. “We are delighted that the people of this community who care about the quality of life in south central Kansas have stepped forward to increase the gallery’s endowment fund, managed by the Central Kansas Community Foundation.”

Fred Krehbiel, long-time benefactor of the gallery, provided seed money of $25,000. He is the great grandson of J. J. Krehbiel, who founded the 1883 carriage factory in which the gallery is housed.

“We appealed to those who care about our community now and in the future, ” said Raber. “We are building a strong base of supporters for the gallery.”

The Endowment Campaign Committee included Raber as chair, Susan Koehn, board president, Jay Holstine, Ray Penner, Paul Suderman, Angie Tatro, John Torline and Barrick Wilson.

Support for the nonprofit Carriage Factory Art Gallery comes from contributions, memberships, sales, art classes and annual fundraisers like the February event, “Love Your Gallery.”

More than 50 area artists have their work on display and for sale in the gallery’s three exhibit areas and gift shop. Art classes and workshops are available throughout the year. The building and adjacent private park are open to the community for rent for special occasions and meetings.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 12 to 5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.