Fiber Studio Conversation on Street Art this Friday, May 6

JOHNNY SUTTON: Street Art Lost

*Friday, May 6, Street Art Conversation
with Zack Gaylord Gingrich, KMUW
Reception, 6:00, Conversation, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
JOHNNY SUTTON: Street Art Lost

During most of the past seven years, I have lived in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, a small picturesque town near Venice. While on trips from there, I have come across stunning works of street art and graffiti, only a small number of which I photographed because I often travel without my camera. These photos were taken for my own keeping, with no intention of displaying any of them.

When I returned to some of those locations, sometimes years later, the street art was gone: either painted over, weathered away, the wall collapsed, or the building torn down. In one case, the growth of vegetation completely obscured the artwork. These works would never be seen again, at least not in situ. Eventually, persistently, my little collection of photographs in a cabinet called to be let out, to be revived, to be seen again by a broader audience. I had to share this wonderful lost art with others.

– Johnny Sutton

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