2017-2018 Arts Council Membership Campaign

Become an Arts Council Member & Take Pride in YOUR Local Arts! 

Join at the $250 level and your membership benefits include tickets to the Annual Art Awards, the first Thursday in November. View the membership levels below to learn more.

Be a SUPER HERO – $750

  • Membership offers emailed throughout the year (e.g. discount on CityArts Gifts in the Gallery, Xtravaganza tickets, etc.)
  • Annual Art Awards Dinner Tickets (4)
  • Recognition in Annual Art Awards Program
  • City Arts Digital Media Recognition
  • Arts Council Digital Media Recognition
  • “I Make Art Happen” (IMAH) Coffee Mug
  • IMAH Window Cling (or Sticker)

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Be a HERO – $ 500

  • Annual Art Awards Dinner Tickets (4)
  • City Arts Digital Media Recognition
  • Arts Council Digital Media Recognition
  • IMAH Coffee Mug
  • IMAH Window Cling (or Sticker)

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Be a CHAMPION – $250

  • Annual Art Awards Dinner Tickets (4)
  • Arts Council Digital Media Recognition
  • IMAH Coffee Mug
  • IMAH Window Cling (or Sticker)

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Be a PARTNER – $100 

  • Arts Council Digital Media Recognition
  • IMAH Coffee Mug
  • IMAH Window Cling (or Sticker)

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  • IMAH Window Cling (or Sticker)

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For additional information on higher giving levels and details on event partnership, please contact Laura Hadley at (316) 303-8654. We are happy to work with individuals or businesses to customize membership benefits.

Nominations Now Open for 2017 Annual Arts Council Awards

The Wichita/Sedgwick County Arts and Humanities Council established the Annual Arts Council Awards in 1969 to recognize and honor those businesses, foundations and individuals who have displayed consistent and exemplary support of the arts and humanities in Wichita/Sedgwick County. These awards focus attention on the importance of the arts as they relate to the quality of life in Wichita/Sedgwick County and honor those who have made major creative achievements or significant contributions to cultural growth or development.

Nominations must be received in the CityArts offices, 334 N. Mead, by 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 14, 2017. Nominations will not be accepted after the deadline.


  • Gordon W. Evans Award – Given to a patron demonstrating outstanding leadership and special support for the arts.
  • Arts Organization – Given to a public, not-for-profit organization that presents or provides arts opportunities to the Wichita community and region.
  • Special Project – Given to a neighborhood, business, corporation or group that has provided support for a single event or project.
  • Arts Educator – Given to an individual who has devoted a career to teaching the arts in an educational environment.
  • Arts Advocate/Individual – Given to an individual or couple dedicated to furthering the cause of an art form or the arts in general through promotional, volunteer, administrative, legislative or professional efforts.
  • Arts Advocate/Group or Business– An organization or business dedicated to furthering the cause of an art form or the arts in general through promotional, volunteer, administrative, legislative or professional efforts.
  • Individual Artist – Given to an artist actively working in such categories as Choreography, Music Composition, Film/Video, Theatre, Interdisciplinary/ Performance Art, Two-Dimensional Visual Art and/or Three-Dimensional Visual Art, who has shown outstanding achievement.
  • Youth Recognition Award – Given to a high school and/or middle school student who has shown outstanding achievement and development in the arts.
  • Burton Pell Award – A new award created in memory of Mr. Pell a long time member and past president of the Arts Council. It will be given to an outstanding individual in music.

Art Awards Nomination Form (Word Document)

Past Art Award Winners

Arts Save Cities

The Arts Council believes that Arts Save Cities. We also believe: 

In Advocating for Public Art & Aesthetics
As one of the nation’s 50 largest cities, The Arts Council advocates for the importance of developing a public art program that ensures art and artists are as a part of the City’s public amenities design plans as the team of architects and engineers to enhance quality of life experiences throughout our city.

In Quality of Life Experiences for all Wichita Citizens
Quality of Life must incorporate the arts, beyond merely their aesthetic functions, in order to create a vibrant, inclusive and diverse community that fosters civic pride and participation, stimulates the economy, attracts tourists, revitalizes neighborhoods and addresses social problems. The arts must exist throughout civic structure – from youth programs and crime prevention to job training and race relations. The arts cross all quality of life boundaries to lift our community to a place of well-being for all citizens.

In Elected Offcials who Champion Arts and Culture in Wichita
The Arts Council will continue to be supportive of elected officials who foster the link between economic development and a thriving arts and cultural community. We will continue to identify appropriate times to speak at Council meetings in order to offer our recommendations and fulfill our responsibility documented in the current City of Wichita Cultural Plan to be the focal point on arts and cultural issues.

In Partnerships…

We offer our Arts Organization and Artist membership as an easy way to form partnerships and provide a united front – bringing arts/quality of life awareness and projects to everyone in our community.

…and Advocating for our Partners

As an Arts Organization or Artist member, be prepared to join a dedicated, passionate group of members who advocate for local arts organizations and artists and support special artist projects and events.

Learn more about Arts Council memberships and become a member today!

Sculpture WalkAbout

The inspiration for Wichita’s Sculpture WalkAbout can be attributed to past Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer and local arts supporter Dora Timmerman-Bayer. It is a yearlong sculpture exhibition of the region’s premier three-dimensional artists. The Arts Council’s WalkAbout committee, in cooperation with the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County, oversees the project with support from private sponsors.

Sponsors (2016 – 2017)

Fidelity Charities
Dr. Alan & Sharon Fearey
Project Beauty
TCK – The Trust Company of Kansas
Arts Council
City of Wichita
Sedgwick County

2016-2017 Pocket Book

Prairie Vistas Gallery

Feature: Prairie Vistas Gallery

John Morrison has lived in Wichita for more than 30 years, and has long admired its landscape. In the early 2000’s, Morrison started photographing the Kansas landscape. “Contrary to the opinion of some, the Kansas landscape is extremely varied, though it does not shout for attention,” he says.  In 2005 he opened Prairie Vistas Gallery to show off his work.

Prairie Vistas Gallery is located in a converted warehouse in Old Town. At any time, you’ll find 30-40 framed photos, dozens of unframed photos, and several portfolios. New pieces cycle into the gallery every month or so.

Morrison photographs primarily in panorama. He explains the process on his website:

“Each of my landscape panoramas is a composite of many overlapping exposures. With the camera mounted on a tripod, I manually set focus and exposure and use a cable release and mirror lock-up for the sharpest image possible. I then take seven to twelve vertical-format exposures that cover the scene, each exposure overlapping its neighbor by about one-third. Once the resulting individual files are “stitched” together on a computer, the resulting image file is almost identical to one produced by the traditional method of scanning a large-format transparency. ”

Prairie Vistas Gallery is located at 151 N. Rock Island, Suite D. It’s open Monday-Friday 9-6, and by appointment on evenings and weekends. To learn more about Prairie Vistas Gallery and John Morrison, visit http://www.prairievistas.com/.


Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Feature: Wichita Symphony Orchestra

During WWII there was a nationwide call to create symphony orchestras in cities and regional hubs across the US to bring cheer to the communities, and ultimately their returning troops. Prominent musicians and WSU partners in the Wichita Community met and founded the Wichita Symphony Orchestra in 1944.

The Wichita Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest and most active arts organizations in Kansas. Conducted by Maestro Daniel Hege, the orchestra’s mission has been to enrich, educate, and entertain diverse audiences of all ages in our region through performances of orchestral music, thereby enhancing the vibrancy and vitality of Wichita.

The Wichita Symphony Orchestra calls their audience “culturally aware, musically curious.” They have eight classics weekend performances for those interested in hearing Classical greats, three Pops concerts for those who want to hear their favorite popular music with the power of a full Symphony Orchestra, two family concerts for those who want to introduce their children to the Symphony, and two free community concerts for the people of Wichita to join us in a celebration of music.

The Wichita Symphony Orchestra employs 90 of Wichita’s finest musicians and make music together for the Wichita Community. There is nothing more special than that.

Learn more about the Symphony at www.wichitasymphony.org.

Century II Concert Hall
225 W. Douglas Ave. Suite 207
Wichita, KS 67202
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (Closed Fridays during the summer)