Arts Save Cities

The Arts Council believes that Arts Save Cities. We also believe: 

In Advocating for Public Art & Aesthetics
As one of the nation’s 50 largest cities, The Arts Council advocates for the importance of developing a public art program that ensures art and artists are as a part of the City’s public amenities design plans as the team of architects and engineers to enhance quality of life experiences throughout our city.

In Quality of Life Experiences for all Wichita Citizens
Quality of Life must incorporate the arts, beyond merely their aesthetic functions, in order to create a vibrant, inclusive and diverse community that fosters civic pride and participation, stimulates the economy, attracts tourists, revitalizes neighborhoods and addresses social problems. The arts must exist throughout civic structure – from youth programs and crime prevention to job training and race relations. The arts cross all quality of life boundaries to lift our community to a place of well-being for all citizens.

In Elected Offcials who Champion Arts and Culture in Wichita
The Arts Council will continue to be supportive of elected officials who foster the link between economic development and a thriving arts and cultural community. We will continue to identify appropriate times to speak at Council meetings in order to offer our recommendations and fulfill our responsibility documented in the current City of Wichita Cultural Plan to be the focal point on arts and cultural issues.

In Partnerships…

We offer our Arts Organization and Artist membership as an easy way to form partnerships and provide a united front – bringing arts/quality of life awareness and projects to everyone in our community.

…and Advocating for our Partners

As an Arts Organization or Artist member, be prepared to join a dedicated, passionate group of members who advocate for local arts organizations and artists and support special artist projects and events.

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