About Us

Mission Statement: To advance and promote arts and culture in the Wichita community through advocacy, education and outreach.

The Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to strengthen art venues and promote cultural arts within the community. In 1966, the Arts Council was formed, originally called The Wichita Fine Arts Council, to support the arts and make them more accessible to Wichita citizens. Today the Arts Council is operated by a 25-member Board of Directors.

The City of Wichita’s Division of Arts & Cultural Services provides administrative support to the Arts Council, including assistance in administering funding requests and grants. Although the Arts Council does not have staff or office space, the council utilizes CityArts as its mailing address.

The Arts Council operates with these goals in mind:
• Encourage the acquisition, appreciation and access to the diverse fine arts in our region.
• Continue advocacy efforts for the arts and demonstrate leadership in the development of public policy for the arts.
• Educate and inform the community about the arts, including the business of the arts.

Interested in joining the Board? Fill out the AC Board Member Application.

Arts Council Board Members
Torin Andersen, Vice President
Shannon Boone, Secretary
Matthew Broderick
Mary Eves
Dr. Alan Fearey, President
Annette Graham
Arlen Hamilton, Assistant Treasurer
Anthony Joiner
Malissa Long Wilson
Nathanael May
Joe Miller
Dr. Rodney Miller
Beth Oaks, Treasurer
Mike Patton
Brett Schauf
Matthew Schloneger
Jack Silvers
Sam Smith

Ex-Officio Board Members
Ella Baccus, Liaison to Design Council
Maggie Ballard, Wichita City Council Member
Shawn Chastain
Lacey Cruse, Sedgwick County Commissioner
Becky Tuttle, Vice Mayor, Wichita City Council Member
The Arts Council is funded in part by: