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  • Final Friday - Adorned in Silver & Finding Center April 28, 2018
    04/27/2018 to 04/27/2018 - Opening of Adorned in Silver museum exhibit & Finding Center- An Art Experi-ence Presented by Individuals in the Envi-sion Arts Program who are Blind, Visually Impaired or Multi-Disabled.
  • Final Friday April 28, 2018
    Starting 03/31/2017 - The Final Friday Art Crawl happens the last Friday of each month. Art galleries, museums, restaurants and retail shops around Wichita stay open late and welcome visitors. Visit to
  • Final Friday - LCM "A Different Way" April 28, 2018
    04/27/2018 to 04/27/2018 - My name is Lynda Carrier-Metz and I'm the face behind the canvas. For several years now, painting has become a way for me to relax while challenging myself creatively. I would describe my style as

artscouncil-logo-2Since 1999, the Arts Council, which is housed at CityArts, has worked in partnership with the City of Wichita to achieve its mission of advancing and promoting arts and culture in the Wichita community through advocacy, leadership, education and collaboration. The Arts Council slogan “We Make Art Happen” reinforces the group’s commitment to the business side of the arts and spreading the word that arts and culture is a $94.7 million industry in Wichita that supports 2,841 jobs and generates $9.5 million in local/state government revenue. was created by the Arts Council to be a place where everyone can learn more about the scope and value of the arts to the Wichita community.